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Deribasovskaya street is considered to be the heart of the city.

It attracts with an abundance of green spaces, beautiful architecture and lots of cozy cafés.
Connoisseurs can enjoy one of the major architectural masterpieces – the Opera House. Erected in 1887, it underwent a lot of restorations to appear today in its splendor and delight us with a wonderful repertoire of famous artists. Another one building which is a business card of Odessa is Potemkin Stairs.

This unique architectural structure serves as the main maritime entrance to Odessa. At the core of the Potemkin Stairs is the principle of artificial perspective. Its lower steps are much wider than the upper ones. But when viewed from the top of the site they seem the same. It is said that the staircase has as many as 192 steps. For those who doubt, we offer to check the veracity of this information!